As locals, we want our community to thrive. We want to support the local businesses and the residents. Our publications bring people together and make connections.


We create customized, high-quality publications for members of exclusive communities so that, through resident-submitted stories and photos shared within, they can learn about their neighbors. The result: highly-anticipated monthly publications that echo the distinct voice of the neighborhood and reflect the community itself.

Why Print? Here’s the simple answer: Print works for us. And, more importantly, it works for our partners and it’s what our residents want.

The feel. The smell. The look. The sound. Print engages the senses in a way digital never will. It offers the eyes a much-needed screen break. It’s a simple tool… no threat of viruses and no dependency on WiFi to be kept up to date on local stories. For our advertisers, print’s audience is controlled, intentional, and specific in a way that other advertising opportunities can’t be. And printed products are lasting, which means our publications remain on the coffee tables of residents for as long as they like.


Nearly all our content in the publication comes directly from our readers. It’s user-generated, just like Facebook. The residents make the publications come alive each month submitting their pictures and stories. And that’s what our partners like about what we do; that the residents are invested, so they know it’s getting read and they’re getting seen. If a business is trying to reach and stay visible with affluent homeowners, then that is where we really become a good fit. We are designed for businesses that look at the high-end neighborhoods we serve and see their best potential clients in that neighborhood. They know and understand how being consistently present and being seen by their TARGET audience creates influence and opportunity, which in turn increases word of mouth and referrals.