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WHO is your ideal customer?

WHERE is your ideal customer?

Marketing is becoming increasingly customized & targeted, and so is the new world of print content and advertising. By all data sources “mass marketing is dead.” today, all marketing is taking a very focused and targeted approach.

The exclusive magazine for the Hill Section of Manhattan Beach, CA. A creative and innovative way to connect with this affluent beach community. Neighbors write it.

A keepsake magazine packed every month with beautiful pictures and stories written by and about the families who live in the luxury community of Rolling Hills, CA.

This desirable beach community is the most affluent neighborhood in Redondo Beach. Distributed to all the homes from the Esplanade to the border of Torrance.

Reach your target market


Living in upscale – affluent neighborhoods, Needing/wanting your products and services, Willing to spend discretionary income, Ideal for your business’ products and services.

What We Provide

Consistent presence in a high-end, well-read, shared and retained publication

2-page profile on you and your business

Networking events where you can get to know your target customer and develop personal contacts and relationships

Secure premium visibility & right of first refusal

Rankings and Awards

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It’s not rocket science. When a printed publication is thoroughly read-over (and held onto) by a neighborhood of affluent homeowners, a golden opportunity exists. We are proud to offer local businesses a simple way to land in the hands of ideal customers each and every month.

Exclusive, targeted distribution

Local, affluent homeowners

Community-centered and user-generated content

Long-lasting shelf life and High Readership

Social media

Social media is one of the most popular activities users engage in online. By connecting with residentsthrough digital remarketing, we allow our partners the opportunity to interact with their target demographic and build brand loyalty online. Digital remarketing complements the publication by providing additional exposure to the target demographic. People want to do business with people they know and trust. By using our integrated approach, we allow our partners the opportunity to create a connection and relationship with the residents of our neighborhoods through multiple touch points.

Social events

We have found that the communities we work with are viewed as private and exclusive. Therefore, our social events provide a unique opportunity for both our residents and our partners to build community connections.

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