Stroll Rolling Hills

Stroll Rolling Hills

A keepsake magazine packed every month with beautiful pictures and stories written by and about the families who live in the luxury, gated city of Rolling Hills, California. Advertisers build powerful connections with this community.


In partnership with the Rolling Hills Community Association, Stroll Rolling Hills is a private monthly magazine delivered exclusively to the residents of Rolling Hills: one of the most influential and affluent communities in the South Bay.  Bloomberg ranks Rolling Hills as the 9th most expensive small town in America.

The magazine is a vital community resource and all the content and photos are about the residents who live in the community. Consequently, the readership of the magazine is extremely high. Our readers look forward to each new issue, because the articles are about their neighbors. The advantage this gives our advertisers’ message is that it does not get lost in the sea of junk mail. We offer businesses an exciting and effective method to target highly sought-after clients. By providing a well-designed, quality publication filled with local stories and photos, we have seen these neighborhoods increase attendance at social events and allow residents to widen their circle of friends. Our publications actually help residents get to know each other and find other members in their communities with similar interests.

Publication FAQs

  • Sent monthly to all the residents in the community via USPS
  • Publication is in full color
  • Publication is 48-68 pages in length
  • 1-to-1 content to ads ratio
  • Limited sponsorships available
  • All content and photos are community driven
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